Matryoshka painting

Matryoshka painting workshop

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  • - DATE: 22 April
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Everybody knows matryoshka, just some people believe it’s called “babushka” or something else : )

All souvenir stores are full of them, and no tourist leaves Russia without one.

But it’s much more fun to paint your own unique matryoshka with our experienced crafts instructor!

A master class on painting matryoshka dolls is one of the most fun and memorable experiences for our students. Some of them at first say that they don’t find it very fascinating, but practice shows that this is a unique and interactive process (we always hear bursts of laughter and see happy smiles of participants in the master class).

So, for a perfectly affordable price, that’s what you get: communication and conversational experience with a real Russian grandmother (babushka, this time!) Valentina, who will tell you the whole history of Russian nesting dolls – matryoshkas. Under her guidance, you will easily paint several pieces of nesting dolls, from large to tiny. And voila! – your own set of hand-made souvenirs is ready 🙂