Trip to Novgorod

Novgorod trip

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The Great Novgorod is an old Russian town about 200 km south from St. Petersburg, the former capital of the northern Rus’. It is over a 1000 years old, it has an old fortress, numerous churches and cathedrals, monasteries, beautiful nature, a fascinating history museum, an open-air wooden architecture museum, and an unbelievable history: it was a Russian member city of the Hansa League and a medieval republic with a high percentage of literate population, including women and children!

Many people interested in old Russian history know that Kiev was called the Mother of all Russian cities, so Novgorod well deserves to be the Farther.  The ancient city of Veliki (Great) Novgorod offers a trip back in time and a taste of medieval Russian culture and cuisine just a few hours away from St. Petersburg. Some of our students (and teachers) come back for more and every time they find something delightful, be it the outdoor museum of Russian culture and crafts or delicious honey drink served in the heart of the Kremlin.

Novgorod is one of the oldest Russian cities and part of UNESCO heritage. It was first mentioned in year 859. It’s proud of its history as an early republic where “veche,” or the gathering, ruled on important issues by voting as early as in 11th century.  In the fifteenth century Novgorod and the lands under its ownership were annexed by Moscow in the process of its expansion and unification of all lands under a single authority.

You will see the amazing Kremlin with its ancient Russian Orthodox cathedral. Nearby there is the monument to Russia’s 1000-Year Anniversary. The monument depicting key characters in the country’s history is a fantastic visual guide to travel through the ages.

Vitoslavlitsi outdoor museum features historic wooden buildings, ranging from ordinary homes to beautiful churches, all made out of wood and many without a single nail. It’s a perfect place to step back in time  to enjoy and learn what Russian country life was like, complete with traditional outfits, songs and crafts.

Discover Miracles of Russian history with your special guide – the famous Russian language teacher Stanislav Chernyshov who tells all his amazing stories from old Russian history in simple Russian, so that all students can   understand and enjoy them.