Breakthrough Individual course

“Breakthrough” Individual Russian course

30 hours / week “Breakthrough” Russian course is mostly suitable for professionals who want to develop general Russian language skills, and at the same time acquire profound knowledge in some specific area which can be Russian for business and economics, international relations, banking and finances, medicine, production technology, environment, history, politics, literature, culture, ethnology, or other job-related subjects. This course often includes extensive vocabulary work, and practice in speaking Russian in different settings, like telephoning, presentations, negotiating, and formal correspondence. Our teachers often accompany Russian classes with explanations in “dos and don’ts”, customs and practices common in appropriate areas. This course enables you to act as professionally in a Russian-speaking environment, as you would in your home country! The only more important thing  before taking a job position in Russia is your visa.

Minimum group course – one week.

All courses start on Mondays and end on Fridays.

Enrolment fee: EUR 50

Note that it is possible to combine a Standard Group Russian Course with an additional one-to-one class (or classes) devoted to your personal needs (e.g. business, literature, etc.)

Language classes classes start at 10 o’clock with a break every 45 minutes. Coffee and snacks are available. Lunch break from 14:00 to 15:00 for those who have 6 or 8 lessons per day.

Weekly lectures start at 15:00. Extra activities after 15 or 18 o’clock.

One level takes 3-4 weeks to complete

In one week a beginner can learn the Russian alphabet, gain a basic understanding of the language system, and learn a number of the most useful words and expressions used in everyday Russian. Non-beginners can improve their language skills at any level even within one week.

Combined with the Russian courses and wide range of entertainment activities, our Language school provides weekly lectures, which give a deeper perspective of Russian life and history.