Lomonosova 14 Host family

Lomonosova, 14

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  • - DATE: 8 September
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The historical building is located within a short walk from the school and hear the Fontanka river with some St. Petersburg’s most iconic bridges. You have 3 rooms to choose from. Two of them are quite small, but very comfortable for 1 person to stay. If you prefer spacious accommodation, there is also a bigger room. Art lovers will be very pleased seeing antique furniture and plenty of paintings. Curious fact: It is believed that it was in this house in 1890 that the first elevator in St. Petersburg was installed.

The hostess is experienced in housing our guests. What’s more, she is chatty and will be glad to help you with improving your conversational skills. Some of our returning students come specifically to her because of her unforgettable Russian kasha.