Russian teacher Alla Chernyshova

Alla Chernyshova

Alla Chernyshova graduated from St. Petersburg Foreign Languages Institute and later got a degree in teaching Russian as a foreign language at St. Petersburg State University.

She has been teaching Russian for 19 years, co-founded Extra Class Language Center and co-authored Russian language books with Stanislav Chernyshov.

Alla’s teaching style is unique and combines efficiency and communication practice with language philosophy, she teaches grammar and words in connection with Russian mentality and the history of the language. In her Russian language course you learn not just how to do things in the language, but you also understand why people do it this way.

Students always find her teaching style both relaxing and inspiring: an ideal combination to make language learning enjoyable and productive.

Here is what Alla says about her job:

I’m so excited when my students fall in love with Russia through learning the language, when they start to understand its soul, when they start feeling the essence of the language and how fascinating and beautiful it is! It’s a great feeling when they start to think in Russian!