7 Tips to make sure you’ll never learn Russian (pretending you are learning it)

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  • - DATE: 9 September
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1) Don’t learn to use Cyrillic alphabet. Just write down Russian words with Latin letters. Who needs to write anyway? And reading is boring, so you don’t need it either.

2) While learning, never practice aloud. Just understanding should be enough, and one always looks stupid talking to oneself. You don’t want to look stupid, do you?

3) Don’t start talking until you learn everything. First learn, then talk! Making mistakes is terrible; perfectionists run the world!

4) Never learn grammar, just memorize some words. After all, we speak with words, not with grammar rules, so words are all you need. Grammar is only important for school teachers.
5) Just find a native speaker and learn with him/her. You’ve learned your first language in a natural way as a child, and now you are smarter than back then, aren’t you?

6) Just download some apps and find some websites: computer technologies are so advanced that they can miraculously make you master Russian in no time!

7) Russia has got a great literature, so just take a good book and a dictionary, and by the time you finish War and Peace or Brothers Karamazov you will either go crazy or learn the language.

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