Peterhof excursion


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  • - DATE: 19 Oktober
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Peterhof with its marvellous fountains is a must see palace-park ensemble in St. Petersburg, at least once in life. Peterhof is built in the image and likeness of Versailles, as well as many palaces of that time throughout Europe. And we humbly believe that this is the case when the copy turned out to be many times better than the prototype.

In Peterhof, we managed to use a unique local landscape, providing a difference in altitude between the Upper and Lower Parks. Water is fed into the fountains by gravity, and there is enough water in St. Petersburg. Even the local children at school discuss the topic of communicating vessels on the example of the device of the fountains of the Lower Park of Peterhof.

We will go in the most convenient way – on a meteor ship directly from the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. This is how the Russian tsars went to their dachas to their dachas. Also the views, oh, the views…

During a walk through the magnificent park, which harmoniously moves from regular gardens to English-style parks, you will learn all the most interesting details of the history of this palace and park ensemble.

Statues, canals, pavilions and pavilions and, of course, luxurious cascades at the Great Palace of Peterhof – your memories will be unforgettable, and photos will save them for a long time – #selfiewithsamson

During the tour you will certainly visit the main attractions of the Lower Park – the famous joke fountains. Anyone who wants to run under the streams of water and a little refreshment on a fine summer day – welcome!