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Language instructors and school founders Alla and Stanislav Chernyshov

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Hello, my name is Stanislav Chernyshov and I’m the founder of Extra Class Language Center in St. Petersburg. I really love teaching Russian because it’s such a beautiful language — it reminds me of ancient languages such as Greek, Latin and Sanskrit.

Also, I want to help foreigners understand Russia: both the language and the culture. I’ve been teaching Russian at universities and language schools full-time since I graduated from St. Petersburg State University, and I’ve always loved building bridges between Russia and the West.

We are not just another language school…All of our courses work globally and promote understanding between different cultures. My wife and I have put together all our education, passion, and experience to create a unique, all-in-one Russian language learning method, which we call “Poekhali!” (Let’s go!) after Russian first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin.

Our books have sold over 200 000 copies, and we often travel around Europe holding workshops and training courses for Russian teachers.

I’ve been fascinated with education since I started university in 1987, and I still say teaching and learning are the things really worth spending your life doing.

I do believe that each of our students will enjoy learning Russian and will surely achieve their personal goals. Our teaching crew is 100% result-oriented: our enthusiasm and student-friendly approach makes us perhaps the best in language-teaching crew in Russia. We’ll help you speak Russian fluently and feel confident while communicating with native speakers.

You will learn faster than you can believe it!

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