Russian group course in Riga, August 2023

Join a group course with Stanislav and Alla, we deliver effective and fun lessons!

We often travel around Europe holding workshops and training courses for teachers, as well as mini-group intensive courses for students. This August is Riga’s turn. Join us, bring your friends along for the new best language trip of your life!

The course is scheduled for August (14.08.23-08.09.23). Minimal course – 1 week. You can book 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks of classes.

20 academic hours weekly on a special price of EUR 250 per week!*
* accommodation and cultural activities not included, but we will provide support with booking, and offer some options for you to choose from.

These group course includes all aspects of Russian language: speaking Russian, writing, reading, listening, Russian grammar and pronunciation with a special emphasis on general daily Russian communication skills. We use a variety of modern teaching techniques such as role play, task based activities, games and discussions. An advantage of our Group Russian language courses is the exciting international atmosphere and exposure to a variety of cultures that one can experience learning Russian with fellow students whose backgrounds range from Hawaii to Iceland and from New Zealand to Great Britain. The diversity of Extra Class students proves its ability to recon out to people of different countries and cultures.

More details at the program’s landing page.