“Poekhali!” books

Your rocket-power course books for teaching and learning Russian.

One of the things that make us really special is the fact we’ve created “Poekhali!” (Let’s go!) coursebooks, the most student-and-teacher-friendly books available today. They are very popular with universities and language schools in Russia, Europe and worldwide with around 200 000 copies sold. The first part of the course installs the Russian language system and basic vocabulary in your mind, the second book activates what you’ve learned and delivers a full range of practical language skills, and the third one makes start think in Russian and feel fit for a discussion.

Many Russian books and courses are way too old-fashioned and conservative, others are not linguistically accurate. “Poekhali!”, written by professional linguists Stanislav Chernyshov and Alla Chernyshova and based on innovative teaching techniques, teaches you up-to-date Russian, and makes learning Russian efficient, easy and fun.


Это лучше, чем книга для учителя: видео для преподавателей с инструкцией к новому “Поехали!”: