Crying Communist Home

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  • - DATE: 20 March
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The building from Stalin times without private bathrooms or kitchens in the heart of St. Petersburg remains a monument to the crazy post-revolution decades and the attempt to create a new communist lifestyle.

  1. Dear Stanislav

    Although I did not understand every word I know what you are saying. I have stayed in apartments in St Petersburg. Yes I understand why in the Soviet times flats had communal kitchens and bathrooms. The people had to be housed and they did a marvellous job. It is a human right to have proof over one’s head.
    When Stalin built apartments with shared bathrooms Australian were using toilets in their back yard [cad]. Very few people had a toilet inside their house. The ‘funny’ was placed at the end of the garden next to a laneway. Once a week a man would come in a horse drawn wagon and empty the ‘sunny'[toilet]. So you see your apartments were quite modern.
    I don’t mind sharing toilets or kitchens. I just don’t like disturbing people in the middle of the night, that’s all. I shared a bathroom and kitchen last year, no worries.
    The only problem I have at the moment is that I have to ask the Russian Consul in Sydney give me one extra day on my visa as I have already booked and paid my airfare. I am writing to them today.