Is St. Petersburg safe?

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  • - DATE: 17 December
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Despite the common opinion about Russia, St. Petersburg is safer than many Western cities

Many people in the West think traveling to Russia is dangerous, but St. Petersburg is indeed quite safe for a 5 000 000 city. On a recent Crime Index 2018 it has been rated safer than Brussels, London, Milan, or Stockholm. There are some pickpockets in touristic places, but the mafia from 25 years ago is gone from the streets.
There are no bad neighborhoods like in some Western cities, the population is still quite a mix of people with different level of wealth and education, which means no part of the city is a “no go” area.
Another good thing is that St. Petersburg never sleeps, there are restaurants, bars, supermarkets and even bookstores open 24/7, and there always tourists and locals walking in the streets any time of the day or night, so you always feel safe no matter how late you come home.
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