Top 6 compelling reasons to learn Russian in St. Petersburg this winter:

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  • - DATE: 3 December
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Russian winter in St. Petersburg

  • You will feel special and have an authentic Russian nature and culture experience: see the beautiful Russian winter and, if you like, even walk on frozen rivers, canals and the Gulf of Finland, or swim in ice-cold water after the hot Russian bath;
  • You will enjoy special winter activities that are not available in other seasons, like ice skating, watching hockey games, or playing snowballs;
  • You will feel privileged at museums and will have a chance to see fewer tourists and, consequently, many more paintings and sculptures;
  • You will find a great and varied program offered by local theatres of all sorts. During the summer tourist season they mostly have Swan Lake everywhere;
  • You will see the most beautiful city in Russia at its best, covered with snow and illuminated with beautiful lights all over the city centre;
  • You will learn Russian in smaller groups, having even more personal attention from our teachers and staff, and save 20 % on any course of your choice!

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