Anna Bozhukova

I’ve always been inspired by linguistics and especially by learning about the culture through the language. I graduated from Saint Petersburg State university with a specialization in Orientalism. I studied Arabic and Turkish languages and that is how I learned about very far away and different cultures from my own. I also learned some European languages, such as English, German and French.
It was not always easy but for sure an exciting path. On this path I found not only differences between languages and cultures, but I also learned how to focus on similarities and common things that we share no matter how far is the language or culture that we study from our own.
The most important aspect in teaching the Russian language is to help students access our wonderful and broad culture through language and start enjoying it to the fullest. I also enjoy how my own perception of Russian language changes with every new student who brings his own unique vision and perception of the language on basis of his or her own culture and language.
I love my job because I always meet wonderful people from all over the world and I see how they discover different dimensions of Russian culture through language as I once did with other languages. It is such a unique experience when students express their admiration of our language, culture and of course of our beautiful city Saint Petersburg where I was born and grew up.
Also, I am currently studying psychology and psychoanalysis at the university, which helps me immensely in creating new, enjoyable, unique, and emotionally orientated ways to teach the Russian language.